M. Schiketanz Real Estate Inc.

"We are the small company doing big things!"

Schiketanz Real Estate manages many residential and commercial properties located in KW Region. >>MORE

Our Buildings: (Current available rentals are in red)

Waterloo Buildings

Hillsdale Apartments, 295 Dale Cres. Waterloo
Hickory Apartments, 55 Hickory Street, East, Waterloo
Panorama Terrace, 235 Erb Street, West, Waterloo
Richelieu Apartments, 250 Mary Street, Waterloo

Kitchener Buildings 

Chicopee Court, 7 Old Chicopee Drive, Kitchener
Chicopee Terrace, 23 Old Chicopee Drive, Kitchener
Holborn Apartments, 80 Holborn Drive, Kitchener
Lorraine Avenue, 187 Lorraine Avenue, Kitchener
Kloster Court, 135 Confederation Drive, Kitchener
Confederation Apartments, 144 Confederation Drive, Kitchener

Margaret Apartment, 149 Confederation Drive, Kitchener
Bluebird Apartments, 195 Natchez Road, Kitchener
Princess Apartments, 88 Bruce Street, Kitchener
Traynor Avenue Apartments, 231, 241, 249, 259 Traynor Avenue, Kitchener
Parkview Apartments, 12 Birkshire Court, Kitchener

Stanley Park Apartments, 14 Birkshire Court, Kitchener